Walker Company's Story

In 2010 Walker Company was established to fulfill a growing need for local, reasonably priced heating and air conditioning installation, service, maintenance & repair for the front range foothills community.  From that day forward Walker Company made a commitment to not only provide heating and air conditioning services but to also help our mountain community in any way we can. We have done everything from a late-night emergency heating repair to pulling vehicles back onto the road during adverse weather conditions. No matter what the situation, Walker Company is always happy to help by using our equipment or our local connections to get the job done right the first time. 

I gave this company my family name because I want our customers to know that they are working with a company that takes great pride in the work we do, and that we are not afraid to stand behind our work 100%.

Most important is Walker Company's policy: If we can't find a solution, the service call is free. Walker Company feels that honesty and integrity are most important. We only change parts that need to be changed. (We never change parts or provide services without first explaining what went wrong, if possible, and how to avoid problems down the road). If equipment needs to be replaced it is only done upon request or because the equipment is no longer safe or efficient to operate.